Why did all these people bring yo-yos? This is a Smothers Brothers concert!
These new and renewed yo-yo enthusiasts have come to see their spiritual leader of Yo. Their leader, the Yo-Yo Man, embodies a phenomena that has captured the imagination and hearts of audiences everywhere. His appeal is direct and simple: pure unadulterated fun. Indeed, his whimsical touch has even been known to transform grandparents into children.

On stage, the Yo-Yo Man begins his tricks with a trademark dance-like step that signals he’s in a “State of Yo” and ready to proceed. With each successive trick, the spirits rise until the crowd can no longer contain itself and contagiously fills the air with shouts of “Yo!”

Remarkably, the Yo-Yo Man achieves all this without ever uttering a word. Dick (the Voice of Yo) authoritatively speaks for him as he explains, “When you’re fully Yo from head to toe, you’re online with the world.”

Through yo-ing, the Yo-Yo Man and his following know that enlightenment, or the blissful State of
Yo, can be attained. Consequently, they ardently pursue their skill as one pursues a passion. Besides providing uplifting entertainment, there are other benefits derived from the world of Yo. Classes in yo-ing are available for students, provided as a means of constructively focusing the students’ energies into the positive goals of development and achievement of a skill, as well as the sheer enjoyment of it. Indeed, yo-ing has also been found to be an effective rehabilitation tool for those with motor disabilities. It provides a relatively simple, yet pleasurable means of overcoming various difficulties. Thus, the increased popularity of the yo-yo is not only that of a toy, but has additionally become an option for uses beyond entertainment.

Whether used for purpose or pleasure however, there is one thing on which all yo-ists and Yo-Yo Man fans concur. They share the delight of knowing that when in a state of Yo, life is enhanced. The sky is bluer, the air is cleaner and the world is a little bit rounder. Moreover, there’s nothing to analyze, memorize or scrutinize. Simply take heed of those immortal words…….. ………..“Just Say Yo”.

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